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World of Warcraft: RIP Arcane Torrent, 2007 – 2018

The beloved AOE silence racial ability as we know it is no more.

Arcane Torrent was found dead today, in the latest World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth alpha build. The stalwart racial ability that inspired as many Blood Elf race changes as their effete looks and attitude was considered mandatory by PVE-ers and PVP-ers alike. Originally, Arcane Torrent was an AOE silence on a 1.5 minute cooldown that also restored a small amount of resources to the Blood Elf who invoked it. It has won more arena games and saved more Mythic+ runs than possibly any other ability in the game.

What do you MEAN this is just aweaker mass dispel on a 3 minute cooldown now?!

According to datamined changes found by MMO-Champion, Arcane Torrent has undergone a transformation, and it’s not for the better. Now, instead of a silence, Arcane Torrent will dispel one beneficial buff from all enemies within 8 yards, while still restoring some resource.

It’s a drastic change, and one that many players feel is too far in the other direction. Arcane Torrent was hands-down the most powerful racial ability in the game, but is this taking it to the opposite extreme?

Not to be outdone, Humans also had their racial ability, Every Man For Himself, nerfed. It now shares a 90 second cooldown with the PVP trinket and similar abilities, rather than 30.

Will this lead to a reduction in Blood Elf characters as performance-minded players change to something with a more useful racial? Only time will tell.


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