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‘Venom’ CinemaCon footage leaked — get your first look at the costume

That’s Venom alright – tongue and all.

The Venom movie starring Tom Hardy has a lot of question marks. Will it be any good? Will Venom actually look and act like Venom? What does it actually look like? Fans have been looking for hints from everything including iced tea bottles to catch a glimpse at the symbiote in action, but so far Sony has been extremely tight-lipped.

That changed today when a few seconds of a clip from CinemaCon leaked on Twitter.

There it is: a clear shot of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) transforming into Venom.

A full trailer is expected to be shown at CinemaCon later tonight, though it is unknown if it will release to the general public after that. For now, this is the best look you’re going to get at Venom. What do you think?

Venom hits theaters October 5, 2018 from Sony Pictures and stars Academy Award nominated actor Tom Hardy as Venom.


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