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The Terrifics #3 Review: This book continues to be… Terrific!

The Terrifics must face off against the evil WAR WHEEL!

Mister Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Phantom Girl are trapped together due to some unknown force. Together they are THE PLASTICS! Wait, no. That’s the wrong name. Together they are THE TERRIFICS! Yeah, that’s the one! Once again Jeff Lemire provides a stellar story. Meanwhile the fill in artist for this issue, Joe Bennett, does a solid job.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“MEET THE TERRIFICS” part three! When will this superhero team bound by dark multiversal magic ever get any privacy? It certainly won’t be today, because while Mr. Terrific feverishly works to free himself from Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl–but mostly Plastic Man–the team must also contend with the towering, rolling death-inferno that is the War Wheel.

Tell me about it!

Team dynamics are much more defined in this issue. Mister Terrific is the science focused, slightly broody leader of the team; the Mister Fantastic/Batman combo. Metamorpho is the disfigured muscle with a soft heart and troubles with his girlfriend (the Thing) while Plastic Man is the ever joking, lighthearted member of the team (Human Torch.) However, the only one that doesn’t fit the Fantastic Four motif completely is Phantom Girl. While she fits the disappearing female member of the team, like Sue Storm, she isn’t the matriarch of the “family.”

However, the Terrifics continue to develop into a great team! Lemire writes the dynamics well and writes the characters in a great way. Especially Plastic Man! He gets the comedy of the character in a great way and uses that to the perfect degree within the issue.

The artwork by Joe Bennett isn’t bad — it’s actually pretty good apart from one or two sections of the issue. I’m kind of jaded slightly due to expecting more Ivan Reis but he’s still a very good replacement. Just maybe not the replacement I’d have chosen for this book in particular.

The Terrifics #3
Is it good?
The Terrifics continues to be fantastic and one of my favorite series at DC. The artwork was a shift from Reis and wouldnt be what I'd say fits the book, but it's not bad.
Lemire continues to write a fantastic team.
Bennett's art was good.
Plastic Man is still my favorite thing about this glorious book.
Bennett's art may be good but he wasnt the right fit for a Reis replacement in my opinion.

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