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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2018

The very best written, drawn, (or both) panels of the month.

Happy Avengers: Infinity War week everyone. This is one of the most important weeks for comic fans because we are getting one of the greatest achievements in superhero filmmaking ever. What better way to honor it than by selecting our favorite panels from the comics that came out in April.

Below you’ll find panels from comics like Thanos, X-Men, and Batman featuring publishers like Image Comics, Dark Horse, Valiant, BOOM! Studios, Marvel, and DC. These panels were our favorites be it how well written they were, how well drawn, or both! So dig in, enjoy, and celebrate comic books the only way we know how.

Astonishing X-Men #10

Writer: Charles Soule | Artist: ACO
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: If war is chaos this is the personification of that!

Eric: I have no quips for this; it’s just awesome. There’s so much going on but all of it makes sense and the action is very well balanced. Also, X’s eyebrows in the bottom corner panel are intense.

Alyssa: Soule’s attention to detail really shows in this spread. There is so much going on, but it’s not a muddled mess. Each place your eye lands is a clear, detailed image.

David H I have no smart ass comments either. There’s so much going on and it’s all so awesome!

Rumble #5

Writer: John Arcudi | Artist: James Harren
Publisher: Image Comics

Brian: To be eliminated from the Rumble, you must go over the top rope or be sliced into thirds.

Dave: This image is intense. If death had a full page spread this’d be it.

Alyssa: But where are the entrails? Someone was feeling lazy. Entrails are a lot of work.

Connor C. ‘Tis but a scratch!

Damage #4

Writer: Robert Venditti | Artist: Cary Nord
Publisher: DC Comics

Brian: The title feels very 90s. “What’s your damage, Ivy?” Maybe she’s mad about being CUT OUT OF HARLEY QUINN’S LIFE FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Dog: Hate to break it to you, Pam, but in terms of pure biomass? It’s always been the Age of Bacteria.

Dave: The composition of this double page splash is insanely good. The foreground guy on the right, the vehicle in the background, and then Poison Ivy’s total calm as she creates havoc.

Batman #45

Writer: Tom King | Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Publisher: DC Comics

Brian: No.

Dog: Now make him a Nazi. I want to bathe in the brackish warmth of fanboy tears.

David H Batman has finally had enough and isn’t putting up with any more s--t!

Eric: Batman channels his inner ’90s weapon-toting badass!

Dave: Batman has been playing too much Counter Strike.

Alyssa: Is it just me or is Bats’ torso extra long? It’s like his chest is way above his abs.

Amazing Spider-Man #798

Writer: Dan Slott | Artist: Stuart Immonen
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: This pretty much encapsulates why I love Spider-Man.

Jason: Ben Urich, Monologue Spoiler!

Dog: You’d think science editor Spider-Man would realize heavy water isn’t all that dangerous ….

Action Comics #1000

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Artist: Patrick Gleason
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Somehow this image speaks to me more than Frank Miller’s original did.

Eric: The contrast in power between the lightning and Superman, now shriveled, is awesome.

Dog: Guys, I think it’s a little late to test drive Screamo Superman.

Koshchei the Deathless #4

Writer: Mike Mignola | Artist: Ben Stenbeck
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Brian: I wonder if he’ll die in this one. I wait with baited breath. So do the salamanders.

Dave: Typical fight with the wife. She calls the birds and he calls the slimy reptiles.

Dog: Amphibians. *ducks deserved projectiles of pedantry*

Batman: White Knight #7

Writer and Artist: Sean Murphy | Color: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Wow, this is a dark moment and it’s not even the crazy Joker or the violence, but Jason’s admission.

Jason: This series continues to be the best Batman-related book on the shelves. This scene is rough, but maybe my favorite retcon of the whole death of Jason Todd sequence.

Dog: It’s great how the Joker looms large over his captive.

Lucy Dreaming #2

Writer: Max Bemis | Artist: Michael Dialynas
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Brian: I have never seen a better use of sticky notes.

Dave: Note to comic writers. Just swear it up and the stickies can fix it all!

Dog: But now how will I remember to pick up guacamole?

Detective Comics #978

Writer: James T Tynion IV | Artist: Javier Fernandez
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I love the way the panels build up on the left and get smaller leading us to our heroes in the now.

Dog: Someone’s been studying their Steranko.

Jason: Robin can expect a fine, chair shots to the head were banned by the WWE years ago.

X-Men Red #3

Writer: Tom Taylor | Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: I heard Maggot was running synthetic, HIV-laced marijuana out of a Baltimore Ruby Tuesday. It was on Facebook!

Dave: I wonder if Stan Lee ever thought social media could be the downfall of his X-Men?

Jason: I feel like Surge, Mercury, Trance and like half of the New X-Men cast would be hella popular on Twitter and Instagram.

Batwoman #14

Writer: Marguerite Bennett | Artist: Fernando Blanco
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Ugh, allergy season.

Dog: “Sorry, I thought we’d try the teriyaki sauce on the barbecue.”

Batman Creature of the Night #3

Writer: Kurt Busiek | Artist: John Paul Leon
Publisher: DC Comics


Eric: Justice never looked so terrifying.

Dog: Oh great, get ready for 20 years of chupacabra sightings in Gotham.

Quantum and Woody #5

Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith | Artist: Kano
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Dave: I love all the panels breaking up the action but also giving us a double page splash at the same time. So cool.

Weapon H #2

Writer: Greg Pak | Artist: Cory Smith
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Sex Ed class in 2045.


Aliens: Dust to Dust #1

Writer: Gabriel Hardman | Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dave: Mom had a late night drinking, Timmy.

Dog: Well at least somebody liked the teriyaki barbecue.

Thanos Annual #1

Writer: Al Ewing | Artist: Frazer Irving
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: The real villain who plays 4-D chess is Thanos.

Dog: When Thanos assembles the Infinity Gems, not even the celestial blue raspberry gumdrop head can stop him.

Alyssa: The coloring here is absolutely gorgeous. That glowing effect is fantastic.

Jason: Art by Hieronymus Bosch*


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