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Batwoman will appear in the Arrow-verse during The CW’s crossover event

The first appearance of Batwoman on TV airs this December.

Arrow star Stephen Amell teased that he’d “get to make a really fun announcement.” Today we got to find out what that announcement was, was as Amell followed through at The CW’s upfront presentation, announcing that Batwoman will be a part of the station’s annual crossover event, THR reports.

This marks the first time Batwoman has been on any screen, movie or television, and an extremely rare appearance of the Batman universe in the show’s universe (Blüdhaven was seen in an episode of Arrow).

It was noted Batwoman will not cross over into Fox’s show Gotham.

The CW’s annual crossover, and Batwoman’s first appearance in a movie or television show, is scheduled to air this December.


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