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DC Collectibles Black & White: Batman by Jonathan Matthews Resin Statue Review

An elegant and beautiful statue more than worthy of any living room or display case.

It has been nearly 10 months since I laid eyes on the amazing DC Collectibles Black & White: Batman statues at SDCC and today one has finally arrived for my private collection. These statues are impeccably designed, affordable, and incredibly display worthy. Check out the unboxing to see for yourself!

Standing at just over 9 inches tall this statue is a beauty. The design is amazing and we can’t wait to see what Jonathan Matthews cooks up next. The detail is incredible and overall the lines are quite something on this statue. It’s at once simple, but detailed and very elegant. If you like this design you won’t be disappointed. The paint job on this is pretty cool too with a matte grey and black except for glossy white eyes and a glossy bat symbol.

The worst defects were found on the base with a large smudge on one corner and some visible scratches on the Batman logo. On the statue itself, most defects weren’t noticeable if you weren’t looking for them, but we found glue visible ever so slightly in certain spots. One side of Batman’s nose was also a bit scratched up too. Again, nothing too visible, but it’s unfortunate especially if $80 is above your usual price range.

DC Collectibles Black & White: Batman by Jonathan Matthews Resin Statue
Is it good?
For the value this is a great statue even with the minor defects.
The design is excellent. Strong, elegant, and striking
The use of different paints adds another dimension
Relatively sturdy in the stand
Considering the price this is a good buy compared to hundreds of dollars more for other statues
There are noticeable defects like slight scratches and glue ever so slightly visible. The base has the worst defects of all though.
Ever so slightly wants to fall forward if you push it enough
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