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Avengers: Infinity War

Unboxing/Review: Marvel Select Thanos 7″ action figure

Check out one of the newest Thanos toys on the shelves today.

If you’ve been following AiPT! over the last month you’ll know we’re big Infinity War fans, but also big Thanos fans. He is the main character of the latest Avengers film and he’s also a really big deal if you’ve seen the movie. To get pumped for the film we even did a Marvel Legends unboxing of the figure which was recently released. But wait, there’s another Thanos figure to unbox today? Why of course, because every action figure company under the sun seems to be making their own versions of this purple-skinned mad titan!

Check out our unboxing of the recently released Diamond Select Thanos below to see for yourself.

The box lists this as “Inspired by Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War” which is surprising since he’s more akin to the comic book version, but he does have a realistic look. Compared to the other two Thanos figures featured in our video you can see it’s clearly more detailed in the face with a great paint job that looks much more metallic and realistic. Some of the paint isn’t quite up to snuff (the lip seems to have bled a bit and one of the stones isn’t perfect), but overall we’re really impressed with the finish. He may not come with that many accessories, but the additional head is welcome. This is a well-made toy and if you can find it at its retail price of $25 it stands up well against similarly priced Thanos action figures.

Marvel Select Thanos 7"
Is it good?
A great addition to any toy collectors collection though we caught a defect or two.
Nice details in the face
Fantastic use of paint to make the figures clothes metallic looking
For the price a great figure (for $200 plus there's better Thanos figures)
Lacks accessories
We caught a few paint defects
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