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Introducing Poor Taste Wrestling, the AiPT! wrestling podcast

The inaugural edition of AiPT!’s WWE podcast talks the SmackDown/FOX deal, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy, Johnny Gargano and more.

You’ve heard us on the AiPT! Podcast talking everything from comic books to movies. We’re obviously pretty big wrestling fans here at AiPT!, so we decided to combine the two and provide a new, WWE-focused podcast in Poor Taste Wrestling. PTW will go over the top news of the week in WWE, as well as the biggest moments from RawSmackDown Live and NXT.

This week, hosts JJ “JVD” Travers, Patrick “Hardcore Kid” Ross and Mike “The Wolverine” Pursell talk about SmackDown‘s potential move to FOX, what they’re doing with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy, Johnny Gargano, and a lot more.

We will be in Apple Podcasts, the Google Play Store, and Spotify shortly. If you can’t find us there, use the player below. Be sure to give it a listen, share it with your friends, and tune in next week for another edition!

P-T-dub! P-T-dub! P-T-dub!


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