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Unboxing/Review: Groot life-size Hot Toys figure

A life-sized Groot can finally be yours!

After unboxing, and loving the Hot Toys Ghost Rider we’ve been itching for a new Hot Toys figure. The quality is better than most and it should be for the price. Thankfully the Groot life-size figure shipped last week and we got it today. Check out our unboxing and snap judgment review below:

This is a good figure with intense detail on the body and good motion in the joints. The toy also comes with some cardboard speakers that look good (with some interesting texturing to them) though they are still cardboard boxes. The figure itself is indeed life-size as far as baby Groot is concerned. The only accessories he comes with are tiny leaves that you can stick all over his body. They give it a slight additional 3D effect. The toy also has a nice weight to it and should be easy to pose with some flat stumpy feet to keep him steady.

The price is going to be steep for most, but considering the cost of most Hot Toys figures, this is actually on the cheaper side. Aside from this, I did notice a bolt or two visible in the wrist and ankle when posed certain ways although this isn’t a dealbreaker.

If you like what you see you can buy this exclusively at Sideshow right now.

Is it good?
A great toy, though the price is a bit steep! At this quality it's a standard price if not a tad cheaper than most.
The detailing on the body is excellent and the tiny leaves add a nice 3D effect.
The speakers are well made even if they are cardboard
The toy has a nice weight to it and will be fun to pose!
The speakers are cardboard and won't be quite as presentable as the figure itself
A bolt or two can be seen making it a little less immersive

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