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World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth: Hunter pets’ Growl will automatically turn off upon entering a dungeon

It’s over. It’s done.

Our long Azerothian nightmare is over.

After fourteen long years of cries of “Huntard” and silent hunters continuing to silently taunt mobs off of tanks in dungeons and raids, Growl, the hunter pet’s taunt ability, will automatically turn off upon entering a dungeon or raid in Battle For Azeroth. The change was discovered by Wowhead and explained on their Battle For Azeroth Hunter Pet Guide:

When you enter a dungeon, Growl‘s auto-cast is automatically turned off to avoid pulling aggro from the tank (you can turn it back on if you want). When you leave the dungeon, it gets flipped back on automatically.

This is honestly something that has needed to happen since the days of vanilla. Many a dungeon has been derailed by a hunter (or warlock) not realizing his pet is pulling off of the tank, creating headaches for everybody else in the raid.

As Battle For Azeroth draws nearer, this may be the most important change announced yet!


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