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Birthday Mezco Blindbox Unboxing: Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 1

We unbox the brand new Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1.

When it’s your birthday what can be better than many gifts? In the case of the recently released Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1 set you get twelve presents to open. The cool thing about it is just like a birthday gift you don’t know what is inside.

As Mezco Toyz puts it:

Each of The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1 stand 2 inches tall and come in a sealed body bag and entombed in their own windowless box.

So join us as we unbox some of the coolest ghouls brought to you by Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls.

As you can see above we really liked these figurines. They’re an eclectic bunch though you may get a couple duplicates. We were lucky enough to get the rare variant figure ghost bunny (we think as it was not pictured on the packaging).

Check out our pros and cons below and tell us which figurines were your favorite in the comments.

Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1
Is it good?
Very detailed and the perfect size for any office desk.
It's fun to open them and not know what you're getting
The details are exceptional. The paint, accessories, and detailing such as the eyes behind the masks
They're small enough to build a collection and not take over your home
They're cute so you don't necessarily have to be a horror fan to like them
You will get duplicates!
The basket on one of the bunny suit characters makes it hard to stand up
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