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Harley Quinn #45 Review: Welcome to Apokolips

Harley Quinn is being picked out as a new Female Fury, but what’s the catch?

I’m going to give a bit of a preface to this review: I have never read Harley Quinn before. I have never had an interest in reading Harley Quinn before. I thought I’d give this issue of Harley Quinn a shot because I like what Sam Humphries has done at DC Comics so far. I went in expecting to be so-so on the issue, but I came out with the complete opposite opinion. In just one issue, Humphries has made me go back and read previous Harley Quinn issues because I enjoyed this one so much, which is an amazing ability of a writer because usually if I’m not interested in a character, it’s nearly impossible to get me interested. This issue of Harley Quinn was incredibly funny and written really well by Sam Humphries with some great artwork to bring in the comedy to life by John Timms.

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So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

While on a tropical vacation, Harley Quinn is kidnapped by two Female Furies from Apokolips–and they’re making her an offer she can’t refuse: join the Furies, get super powers and do anything she wants! It’s a sweet deal, and all Harley has to do in return is hunt down rogue Fury Petite Tina. The bad news: Petite Tina is anything but petite! Hope that hammer got an upgrade, Harley.

Tell me about it!

I’ll quickly mention something I wasn’t amazingly hot on in this issue: the fourth wall breaking. Although it’s kinda fun, it’s also pretty jarring to me as it’s a narrative device that is very hard to do well. Humphries does it to an okay standard but it’s not super great.

The fact that when this was first announced I laughed the idea of Harley going to Apokolips away as stupid. However the way it’s done is actually really fun instead! The Quinn Booth page where Harley’s in a phone booth while different versions of her character crowd the booth is super fun and meta in a great way. The actual Apokolips story makes sense in a way that works for the character and doesn’t come across as making a Kirby device to be stupid. It’s also helped with the artwork which has a fun and almost cartoony appearance to it that fits the aloof and funny writing.

Congratulations Sam Humphries and John Timms, you’ve made a new Harley Quinn fan in me and made me want to check out more.

Harley Quinn #45
Is it good?
An incredibly fun issue that serves as a good jumping on point!
Sam Humphries writes a fun and interesting plot.
John Timms brings the script to life in a fantastic way.
The fourth wall breaking wasn't great but is far from the worst use of it.

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