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Poor Taste Wrestling podcast episode 7: First Annual Independence Day Spectacular

WWE gets patriotic, Braun Strowman dumps a port-a-potty, and New Day eats pancakes. Wrrrrrrestling!

A very special edition of Poor Taste Wrestling comes at you recorded on July 4th, American Independence Day! So eat your vitamins and say your prayers like a Real American, watch your favorite Mr. America and The Patriot matches, wave around Old Glory with a 2×4 and take a ride on the Lex Express, because we’re celebrating the US of A WW of E style!

We’re also talking the week in WWE, including a heated discussion about Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship, the possibility of a trios title in WWE, and a whole lot more. So give us a listen, subscribe, leave us a positive rating, and tell all your friends who may enjoy AiPT!’s resident wrestling experts breaking down all things WWE every week.


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