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Unboxing/Review – Weta Workshop Mini Epics: Gandalf the Grey

Fool of a Took! Open my package this instant!

A wizard is never late, nor is he early — he arrives precisely when he means to.

I’m going to go with the spirit of one of Gandalf the Grey’s more famous quotes and not allow myself to be upset with Big Bad Toy Store for the two month delay on my figure arriving. I expected Gandalf to arrive in April but Mithrandir didn’t arrive on my doorstep until the end of June. Silly wizard, probably had too much of the halfling’s leaf again and forgot the time.

So now that the 4th of July festivities are over, I was finally able to sit down and do a proper unboxing/review of this wonderful figure that comes to us from the legendary Weta Workshop. If you haven’t heard of Weta Workshop, allow me to grace you with their awesomeness. Since 2001 the New Zealand-based company has been producing some of the world’s most incredible Lord of the Rings collectibles, and this MINI EPICS series which this figure hails fro, is just the latest example.

Enough chit chat — let’s dive in.

I absolutely love the style in which sculptor Mauro Santini created this series. There’s a very whimsical, quirky and unique feel to it that I’ve yet to see in any other creations of Lord of the Rings merchandise and collectibles. The vinyl material is sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will suffer an easy break if it’s dropped. The paint job is fantastic — they even made the boots and cloak look travel worn. Detail is vitally important when creating iconic characters like Gandalf the Grey, so I was very pleased to see they nailed his beard, distinct big nose and eyebrows. Even his signature gloves look great! And oh, the staff. Of course he has a staff and not only does it look authentic, but if you look closely you’ll find that Gandalf’s pipe is hidden in the top of it. Top to bottom, this collectible is utterly fantastic.

While I won’t keep this figure secret, I’ll certainly keep it safe. As I said in my review, I would’ve happily paid $50-100 for this collectible but I got it for a jaw dropping $30! I suppose it’s a good thing that the price is so affordable, as I’ve still got eight more to purchase and review.

If you’d like to own this figure for yourself, you can pick one up through the Weta Workshop here.

Weta Workshop Mini Epics: Gandalf the Grey
Is it good?
Top to bottom, this collectible is utterly fantastic.
Weta paid attention to detail and it shows!
Little things matter. The belt buckle, belt and travel worn boots and cloak look amazing
The vinyl feels sturdy but not so much so that it'll break easily if you drop it
Top to bottom, the paint job and sculpting is quirky, unique and it brings a smile to your face
It was delayed by over two months. But I love it so much that I forgive you Big Bad Toy Store

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