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Overwatch: Reinhardt cosplay by Libs

“Don’t worry my friends. I am your shield!”

LibsCosplay claims, “Reinhardt is the first massive costume I made… and I can tell you that it won’t be the last 😉 “Bring! It! On! I LIVE for this!”

After the way this impressive and true-to-form (it’s over 6 and a half feet tall!) Reinhardt turned out, we’re looking forward to Libs’ next offering and then some. Precision German cosplaying.

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/Crusader Project/ [6/6] Reinhardt is the first massive costume I made. … and I can tell you that it won't be the last 😉 "Bring! It! On! I LIVE for this!" ———- Photography: @allpodayo Lights: @kaicomphoto Mechanic engineer: @libs_cosplay Reinhardt costume: Made by @libs_cosplay / Worn by @maverick_cosplay Scenography: @lithil / @chatcosplay / @cynshenzi Project assistant: @hybrian_games Costume assistant: @matthieu7.richard / @draga_cosplay Backstage: @kumacosplay Communication: @samus_cosplay Props: / @dounicecosplay / Vali Chap / Kuma Cosplay / Nysen Cosplay / Shenzi – Craft & Art / Chat Cosplay / Samus Cosplay / TL Prod / Maverick Craft'N'Props With the participation of @nomel.props #overwatch #blizzard #reinhardt #reinhardtcosplay #reinhardtoverwatch #cosplay #cosplayer #playoverwatch #gamecosplay #overwatchcosplay #overwatchcosplays #blizzardcosplay @overwatchcosplays @overwatchcosplay @playoverwatch

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