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World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth pre-patch goes live July 17

Legion is just about over.

With Battle For Azeroth about a month away, it’s almost time to say goodbye to Legion. Today, Blizzard announced that patch 8.0.1, which serves as the Battle For Azeroth pre-patch, goes live next maintenance period — July 17 in the US, and July 18 in Europe.

Those of us who have played at the end of previous expansions know the deal: this will bring all the new talents and abilities available to level 110 players, as well as new concepts like War Mode, to live servers before Battle For Azeroth‘s launch. Think of it as everything BFA has to offer except for actual new zones, quests and instances.

Of course, in the case of Legion, this means we’ll also be saying goodbye to our hard-earned artifact weapons. You’ll still be able to wield them until BFA proper launches (you really have no choice, as there are no weapon drops on the Broken Isles), but they will have become de-powered and will not provide any additional benefit.

This also means you now have less than a week to wrap up your Legion checklist, most notably the mage tower challenges. Once this patch hits, you will no longer be able to obtain the artifact appearances from the challenge.

Blizzard created a video titled Battle For Azeroth Pre-Patch Survival Guide, which you should check out if you want more information:


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