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Cyclops prepares to ‘Set It Right’ in ‘Extermination’ – But what could ‘it’ be?

Marvel appears to be teasing the return of adult Cyclops and his desire to “Set It Right.”

The return of Cyclops: Any casual X-Men fan knew it was bound to happen. But now we get the rebirth of adult Scott Summers? So soon after the return of Wolverine, Jean Grey and Professor Charles Xavier (OK, “X,” but close enough)?

Sure! Why not?

If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel’s recent releases, you know that this summer has seen one gift to fans after another. From the surprise marriage of Rogue and Gambit to the fact that Amazing Spider-Man #1 finally… nope, still too soon to spoil it! Point is, what Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski has billed as the #MarvelSummerofSecrets is turning out to be the #MarvelSummerofSurprises!

It’s this reader-pleasing pattern that points to Cyke’s resurrection in the pages of August’s Extermination event series (by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz) being the real deal. Let’s not forget that on July 9, X-Men Group Editor Jordan D. White was tweeting up a storm about our dearly departed X-Man being right…


So with that said, let’s break down the teaser image’s tagline of “Set It Right.” What exactly needs to be set right by the mutant many fans considered to be right? Here are some options for Rightclops:

The original X-Men’s place in the Marvel timestream

The announcement of Extermination, combined with the conclusion of X-Men Blue in September, hints at the end of the time-displaced X-Men’s adventures in the modern world. While the strangest teens of all have had a good run, the more they change, the harder it gets to neatly send them home and not radically alter the current Marvel Universe (thanks, Beast!). So, it’s probably best they get on their way before any more of them develop cosmic fire wings or a taste for magic.

Also, in a recent CBR interview, Brisson said, “The goal of Extermination is to bring the story of the Original Five X-Men that started in 2012 with All-New X-Men #1 to its conclusion.”

Cyclops’ reputation

Move over, Taylor Swift–Scott Summers really has to worry about his reputation. From murdering Professor X while under the corrupting influence of the Phoenix to destroying the Inhumans’ power-granting Terrigen clouds (oh wait, that was Emma Frost making the world think that was Scott… still not great for Slim), a resurrected Cyclops will need to hire the Marvel Universe’s greatest PR firm and treat readers to comics’ greatest redemption story never told.At the very least, Cyclops and Captain America should be able to bury the hatchet with ease.

Cyclops: Yeah, so right after I died, my ex-girlfriend made the world think I was “Mutant Hitler.”

Captain America: Oh, I can top that. A sentient Cosmic Cube actually turned me into a Nazi–who went on to take over the country!

Cyclops: For real?

Captain America: Would I lie?

Cyclops: Why were we fighting again?

Scott and Jean’s marriage

There was a time when it looked like Cyclops and Phoenix, the X-Men’s first couple, were done for good. And then Grant Morrison left Marvel and suddenly anything was possible again. While many Wolverine fans fantasized about a scenario where Scott’s six feet under and Logan and Jean are finally a couple, since her return, the newly resurrected Jean has shown Scott still holds a special place in her heart. And Jean in Scott’s (sorry, Emma). Set it right, Cyke!

The United States

I mean, the country’s kind of a mess right now. #Cyclops2020 sounds pretty good to me! Plus, he was more effective at nuclear disarmament…No matter what happens, series like Tom Taylor’s X-Men Red and any one of Matthew Rosenberg’s current X-Men titles show that Marvel’s mutants are entering a new golden age. The return–and redemption– of adult Cyclops would only make it greater!

Extermination #1 of five goes on sale in August, so keep it tuned to AiPT! for our review!


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