Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project: New shaman card revealed, Menacing Nimbus

Elemental Shaman incoming?

Team 5 revealed a new 2-cost Shaman card through their The Boomsday Project: Lab Logs Part 1 short story earlier today — Menacing Nimbus:

    Menacing Nimbus
    Class: Shaman
    Card type: Minion
    Rarity: Common
    Mana cost: 2
    Attack: 2 HP: 2
    Card text: Battlecry: Add a random Elemental to your hand.
    Tribe: Elemental

Could this card see play in the Ranked Ladder? It fits into the already popular Even Shaman deck, works well with Hagatha and could place such Elementals as Ixlid, Pyros or Tar Creeper in one’s hand.