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SDCC 2018

DC Collectibles: A closer look at Rick Baker, Christie Zullo, and more

A recap of the DC Collectibles panel from SDCC 2018.

The DC Collectibles featured at San Diego Comic-Con are a favorite attraction for me and many over the years. The statues are excellent (I’ve reviewed Becky Cloonan’s and Jonathan Matthew’s statues just this year) and they’re also affordable. The panel had a variety of talent on hand to answer fan questions and discuss their upcoming statues.

Christie Zullo discussed how her relationship with DC Collectibles started over 7 years ago after presenting some of her material at SDCC. At the time, Zullo said, she had no idea she’d one day have her drawings turned into 3D form. “This is a whole new experience for me,” Zullo said, but she knew no matter what she wanted to show personality in her statue. Her style is influenced by Disney and is more for an all-ages crowd. “There’s something for everybody,” Zullo said. She also revealed her designs were only front facing and a sculptor rendered the back.

Oscar award winner Rick Baker was also on hand to discuss his new Joker bust. He revealed when he took on the job of sculpting something for DC Collectibles he was actually retired, but that his daughter was working at DC.

He said he was frustrated with producers influence working in the film industry and had had it. After walking through the collectibles department he wasn’t sure it would work out since freedom was a big part of his goals. He soon learned they’d let him design something without any intervention. Joker became his ideal subject, Baker said, after designing Halloween costumes for his entire family in different Joker styles.

As you can see the bust he created is incredibly lifelike. When asked if he’d do something else for DC Collectibles Baker said, “There’s a chance.”

Additional notes from the panel:

The Aquaman statue made based on the movie is in a “very specific pose” and it’s a pose requested by the filmmakers. Hmmm.

In the Summer of 2019 a new Wonder Woman statue will be available. The sketch below is the basic design.

The Batman Black and White line of statues is, “longest running statue line in the industry.”


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