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“F*ck Batman,” a hyper-violent Robin and more in the official ‘Titans’ trailer

Robin drops bodies and the F-bomb in this gritty, violent trailer for DC Universe’s Titans.

DC Universe revealed the first official trailer for its upcoming Titans series at San Diego Comic Con ’18 earlier today:

Wait, isn’t Dick Grayson supposed to be the lighthearted one in the Bat-Family? Robin dropping bodies and the F-bomb to boot? If the first nine episode titles we revealed back in May are any indication, Jason Todd (AKA the Red Hood) will be making an appearance near the end of the series — so if Robin’s already looking as edgy as he is in this trailer, how grimdark is Red Hood going to be? And why did Robin split from Batman in the first place if his methodology is this brutal?

Comic book writer/filmmaker Kevin Smith might be pumped for the whole gritty ambiance portrayed by the official Titans trailer, but we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

What did you think of the Titans trailer? Sound off in the comments.


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