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All the Marvel Hasbro SDCC 2018 reveals and news

Everything we learned and saw at the Marvel Hasbro panel at SDCC 2018.

One of the most exciting panels at San Diego Comic-Con is always the Marvel Hasbro panel. Why? Because we get a sneak peek at everything coming in the next year be it X-Men, Spider-Man, or movie and TV-related toys on the way. After a few introductions, the team discussed their 2011 panel at SDCC and then the four big Marvel movies out this year (Black Panther, Avengrs: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) reviewing the toys they’ve made for these properties.

Hasbro Marvel group then let loose with the reveals. Becky Nuger talked about the Mighty Muggs toys in 2018 and then revealed new Mighty Muggs coming out in the fall.

First was Venom, and then Wolverine.

Nuger then revealed a new Disney Hercules figure…wait, no correction, in a short comedy bit she said she meant a new Marvel Legends Hercules figure. This toy will be out in the new Avengers wave in 2019.

First ever Marvel Studios movie set with BAF figure too. This wave will be out December 2018. Next up were late 2018 reveals. Ultron is coming back, “shinier, fully painted this time,” and “extra bells and whistles that more accurately displays him from the film.”

A new Archangel figure is on the way with three different heads. It will be exclusive from Gamestop.

AIM is getting a henchman two pack too.

And a new Magik figure is on to he way too (an exclusive from Walgreens).

A new Target exclusive Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen two pack.

Then came a Luke & Claire two-pack featuring Luke Cage and Claire Temple (a Walmart exclusive).

The vintage retro wave is getting new characters too. First up was the Ant-Man and the Wasp. A big cheer came from the crowd with the Vision (with Ultron head) and classic Hawkeye figures. They also revealed a Black Panther and Ben Reilly Spider-Man figures.

The Hasbro crew revealed a new Deadpool figure and a Collector’s Edition of Deadpool Monopoly. The kids cheered at the next toy which was a Dead-Apollo nerf gun.

Finally, we got the 2019 Marvel Legends reveals. First up was the Spider-Man wave 1 line. A Symbiote Spider-Man from Dan Slott’s final issues of Amazing Spider-Man drawn by Humberto Ramos in the image below. We also get a Red Goblin figure from the same series.


We’re also getting a new Black Cat, Silver Sable, and the build a figure (BAF) will be Kingpin.



Next up was the 2019 X-Men wave. Setting up the reveals Ryan Ting showed a 90s X-Men image drawn by Jim Lee. First up was a Xavier figure without the hover chair.

Next up was Skullbuster a bit of an obscure figure but fans seemed excited.

Blink was revealed as well, but what brought the house down was the build a figure, which they teased, but…it’s going to be revealed at a later date. The audience was not happy abouto that tease.


They then went into the Marvel Legends vehicles which include a sick looking Deadpool moped.

Additional hints as to what is to come were then revealed which looked like a Magneto, Quicksilver, and Mystique is on the way.

The crowd seemed a bit down so Ting then revealed a 2019 Marvel Legends vehicle will be Xavier in the chair.

The crowd loved it. We also stopped by their booth and took some pictures. You can see them below!



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