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Every reveal from the Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing panel at SDCC 2018

C.B. Cebulski hosted a panel that revealed new Fantastic Four characters, a new Vision series, and a Donny Cates tattoo.

The Marvel Comics “Next Big Thing” panel opened with C.B. Cebulski shouting out all the new “fresh start” comics that have released so far too big cheers from the audience. Cosmic Ghost Rider getting a rather loud response.

The panel started with Infinity Wars Prime #1, which will be out in July by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Doedato Jr. The story will focus on Thanos, but also the new character called Requiem. “The next big secret to set the tone for the summer is Infinity Wars Prime,” Cebulski said. That book arrives next week. Cates said, as a kid who loved the cosmic universe, fans should be very excited. Check out a few of the covers for future issues below.

Next up was Infinity Warps, which Cebulski and company said is an exciting new series that “does have a reason for being.” Cates reflected on the process of coming up with characters and he and Skottie Young came up with a character who was rejected called Deadbolt. “He’s the most dangerous human being who ever lived,” Cates said, “but it’s like Deadpool so he won’t shut up.” The fans laughed at the idea.

Cebulski went through a few more titles like Sleepwalker (which he reflected being the first character Joe Quesada ever worked on) and then Death of the Inhumans with issue #2 out in August. Cates went on to describe his excellent Thanos series, reflected on Jugerduck and Kamala Khan appearing in Cosmic Ghost Rider #3-4 and then even showed the audience his Cosmic Ghost Rider tattoo. Reflecting, Cates said he got nervous when Cebulski called him to talk about the series (fearing they may cancel the book) but only got good news.

Margaret Stohl then talked about her new Captain Marvel series and how it explores the deeper meaning in family life and Carol’s “screwed up family.” the series, Stohl said, is about how “maybe sometimes the things that make you strong are linked to your weaknesses and the cracks in your armor,” Stohl said, “It’s her return home to figure out a few things.” Cebulski said the characters Stohl have created in Carol’s hometown has grounded the story and made it more real.

Next up, Cebulski talked about Avengers from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. Issue #6 is the end of the first arc. Issue #8 tackles Avengers Mountain and then moves under the sea, Cebulski said. Cebulski then covered Deadpool: Assassin and how excited they are about the title.

Cebulski then played a video about the Marvel Digital Originals series. This digital service allows readers to binge their comics digitally. Cebulski also said this is a means to pull new readers in, “get them addicted” and make more readers Marvel Comics fans. Cebulski and the editors then detailed the Marvel Digital Original series running through Kelly Thompson’s Jessica Jones, the new Luke Cage book, and Iron Fist. Nick Lowe talked about Daughters of the Dragon and how much he loved these characters. “This comic is mental, hilarious, and dangerous,” Lowe said.

Next up was The Fantastic Four which got a huge applause from the audience. Cebulski said they’ve already sold over 400,000 comics and he and the editors call it the “Fantastic Four Hundred Thousand.” Lowe said he was crying at how beautiful the story is when Dan Slott pitched him the story. Cebulski said the story is focused on the first family as much as if not more than the Fantastic Four. A new “hero” called Victorius is being introduced who is a new hero from Latveria. There is also a new character called The Griever which will be coming soon from the comics. Check out some screen grabs below of that.

The next comic discussed was Shuri #1 by Nnedi Okorafor and Leonardo Romero. Stohl pounded the table saying, “Yes, yes, yes” as the crowd clapped to the cover on the screen.

The panel then discussed a brand new Vision series which “Picks up where Tom King left off,” Cebulski said. That got a huge cheer.


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