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Stephanie McMahon will reportedly announce Women’s Tag Team Championships on Raw

Steph’s upcoming “historic announcement” will reportedly make a major impact in the WWE women’s division.

Yesterday on Twitter, WWE teased that their real-life Chief Brand Officer and kayfabe Commissioner of Monday Night Raw will make a “historic announcement” this Monday night.

Speculation immediately swirled — many assumed it would have to do with the women’s division, as Stephanie has announced other landmark moments for the division, such as the callup of many female NXT talents several years ago, and the women’s Royal Rumble match this year. But how many more “firsts” are there left for the women’s division?

A Redditor by the name dvizzle, who has been verified as buying selling, trading, and working on title belts for decades and claims to have multiple sources within WWE, has said the announcement will be the creation of a women’s tag team division, complete with Women’s Tag Team Championship titles.

From the Reddit post:

Since people keep posting my tweets out of context….and then threads get deleted…. let’s try this one more time and see how long before a random rule is pulled out to justify deleting it.

For those unaware, I have been involved in belts 20+ years. I’ve bought, sold, traded ring used belts, and I occasionally make belts. I DO NOT MAKE BELTS NOR WORK FOR WWE. I have numerous sources within and outside the company.

I have given inside information on belts for nearly every company since joining this subreddit.

That being said: As I posted here 4 months ago, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts are DONE and will be part of the announcement Stephanie McMahon is giving on RAW.

The Women’s belts are very similar to the men’s tag belts, but on white leather. The WWE logo is much larger and prominent in the design. Also the male gladiator helmets are more feminine. There is a fan creation from the WWE 2k18 video game that was made in March that is very close to how they look. I posted this picture on Twitter yesterday, with the above information to give a quick visual representation. Numerous people do not read and simply posted the picture as “this is the belt according to Dan”, which is totally false.

My sources say the belts will be defended between brands. One source says just RAW and Smackdown, another source says there will be occasional NXT involvement.

The other part of the announcement is supposedly the all-women’s PPV. Mike Johnson of PWInsider posted this yesterday saying a hypothetical date would be September 30th, Nassau Coliseum. My source said it’s not set in stone. They really want it in October to tie into the Breast Cancer Awareness month aspect of marketing. They also said “NYC”. WWE considers Nassau Coliseum NYC, so everything Mike said could be true. They could use the Sept. 30th date as a “kick off” event.

So that’s all I know about that.

In other belt news:

NXT:UK Women’s and Tag belts are supposedly near completion or done. The NXT;UK tapings are coming up so maybe they will be unveiled then??

The 205 Live Cruiserweight Tags are done. No idea if/when those will debut at this point. There are numerous belts WWE has had made that for some reason they decide to not use. This may or may not join that list.

So there you have it. Apparently, WWE has several more tag divisions in the works, and possibly even an all-women’s PPV event.

Who do you think will be the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships (separate from the WWF version sparingly defended in the 1980s)? Sasha and Bayley? Oh, god, it’s gonna be Sasha and Bayley, isn’t it…?


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