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Guardians of the Galaxy cast show support for director James Gunn with open letter

The Guardians are standing behind their director.

Disney’s controversial decision to sever ties with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has been met with disapproval from the very beginning with various news outlets and fans wondering what the true motives behind the firing were.

On July 20, Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, released a statement confirming that the industry giant had decided to sever times with the director of the two Guardians movies after a series of offensive tweets made by Gunn resurfaced.

While no one has defended Gunn’s statements, they were made roughly a decade ago and were clearly in jest. Gunn himself has apologized for the offensive remarks.

Earlier today, the cast of Guardians released an open letter in full support of the director/writer and his reinstatement as director of Guardians Vol. 3.

This puts Disney in a very unenviable position. Gunn’s statements were clearly offensive but the court of public opinion does not seem to agree his firing was warranted. Ultimately, that is up for Disney to decide.


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