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Overwatch Summer Games returning next week with a new map for Lúcioball

Who’s ready for some Lúcioball?

It wouldn’t be a proper summer without the Overwatch Summer Games and Lúcioball. Thankfully Blizzard didn’t let us down, the announcement of the Games’ return came yesterday via the official Overwatch Twitter account.

The Summer Games will commence on August 9 and with them comes the ever popular Lúcioball. If you’ve never played, picture Rocket League, except instead of cars zooming around a map trying to get a huge ball in the goal, there’s a bunch of Lúcio’s. Yeah it’s just as fun and crazy as you’re imagining.

You can play Lúcio ball with no stakes, or try your hand at the competitive mode. Last year players who placed in competitive mode were rewarded with special sprays, so we should expect something similar this year. The Twitter post also more or less confirms that they’ll be a new map for Lúcioball in Busan, South Korea.

Last year’s Summer Games also brought it’s own unique loot boxes, which included some extremely popular skins. Hopefully Blizzard with follow their usual pattern and make these skins available for purchase at a discount.  Who can say no to Grillmaster: 76 and Lifeguard McCree? Not this guy.


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