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We hacked into Spider-Man’s Facebook – What we found will shock you

In Amazing Spider-Man #3, we learn that Peter Parker has a Facebook account… so we hacked into it!

The surprises keep coming in Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s Amazing Spider-Man, with the latest being that Peter Parker… uses Facebook? That’s right, True Believers, it’s canon now, per Marvel’s preview pages for Amazing Spider-Man #3.But… Facebook? Really, Spidey? For a guy laser-focused on being responsible, using a social media site plagued with privacy issues seems anything but. I mean, don’t you have a secret identity and loved ones to keep safe?

Based on the results of an April 2018 Tech.pinions survey of 1,000 Americans, 9 percent of respondents said they deleted their Facebook account due to privacy concerns. Clearly, Peter wasn’t among them. Still, we here at AiPT! have Pete’s best interests at heart. So we did what any upstanding entertainment website would do–we hacked into his Facebook account to see what state it was in.

To quote any clickbait headline, what we found will shock you!

Once we logged into Pete’s Facebook account, it all looked pretty run-of-the-mill at first glance. He had some notifications…And Peter had shared his thoughts in posts of his own…All well and good, until we stumbled onto some darker posts–posts that make it clear political disruption campaigns, the likes of which were seen in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, are still very much a problem.

Skeptical? Well, just take a look at this “fake news” Peter’s Aunt May ended up sharing with her network…Oh, May, that article’s clearly written by some troll with a sinister agenda. Don’t share that junk! Don’t even click on it!

But based on Pete’s News Feed, this type of propaganda is hard to avoid. Scroll past the latest updates from Harry Osborn and Randy Robertson and Facebook hits you with dog-whistle politics…Or the work of someone with a real grudge against the Fantastic Four…Maybe from a foreign power… but where?Look, the screenshots speak for themselves. Unless Peter Parker’s on a mission to save Facebook from within, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man needs to #DeleteFacebook ASAP. It just makes good spider sense.


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