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Dave Bautista will quit if James Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ script isn’t used

“I’d be doing James a disservice if I didn’t.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast has been extremely supportive of the franchise’s writer and director James Gunn after he was fired by Disney following a right-wing smear campaign based around shock-humor tweets he posted nearly a decade go. Most vocal in his support has been Dave Bautista, who has been very active on Twitter voicing support for his friend. And according to a recent interview with ShortList, he is apparently ready to give up his role in the movie altogether if Gunn’s script isn’t used.

“Where I’m at right now is that if [Marvel] don’t use that script, then I’m going to ask them to release me from my contract, cut me out or recast me,” Bautista said. “I’d be doing James a disservice if I didn’t.”

The actor behind Drax the Destroyer and former WWE Champion mentioned yesterday on Twitter that he will do what he’s “legally obligated to do,” but a Guardians movie without James Gunn is “not what I signed up for,” saying it’s “nauseating to work for someone who’d empower a smear campaign by fascists #cybernazis.”

While Bautista is perhaps Gunn’s most high profile supporter, he’s far from the only one: a petition to compel Disney to rehire Gunn has as of this writing reached 370,000 signatures in just over two weeks.


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