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Tom Hardy’s Venom towers above his foes in latest image, film will spark Sony’s ‘Universe of Marvel characters’

“They bring out the very best and the very worst in each other.”

[Insert “big guy… for you” Bane meme here.]

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The latest image from Sony’s upcoming Venom film starring Tom Hardy gives us a better idea of how the actor will look in full-on symbiote mode: absolutely massive.

The vein-riddled Venom towering above his enemy and clasping him in a chokehold while a store clerk looks on in shock reinforces the notion Hardy’s rendition will draw inspiration from the 1992 “Lethal Protector” mini-series (well, what else can he do without Spider-Man in the movie?), which first featured the character as the main focus and highlighted his transition from Spider-Man villain to anti-hero.

“They’re a bit lost in this world, and finding each other and negotiating an ethical framework is perhaps a gift and a burden for the two of them,” Hardy told EW in a recent interview. “They bring out the very best and the very worst in each other.”

Venom will be the inaugural venture in a line of affiliated movies set within the same universe that Sony is calling Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, or SUMC, according to the president of Colombia Pictures, Sanford Panitch.

Silver Sable (left) and Black Cat, two characters who will be getting their own films following Venom.

“Spider-Man connects to a lot of the characters,” said Panitch, in a recent interview with Variety. “There are villains, heroes, and antiheroes, and a lot are female characters, many of whom are bona fide, fully dimensionalized, and utterly unique.”

Currently Silver Sable, Black Cat, Morbius the Living Vampire (starring Jared Leto) and Nightwatch are characters slated to helm their own films in the SUMC following the framework set by Venom. Another cohesive comic book universe on the big screen could be a good thing, but Let’s just hope Sony learns from the DC Extended Universe’s mistakes.

Venom hits theaters on October 5th, 2018. The film’s cast includes Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson and is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad).

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