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Transformers Build & Unboxing: Studio Series 19 Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage

A build and unboxing of the SDCC 2018 exclusive Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage.

Released at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro toys created the perfect Bumblebee action figure to accompany the upcoming film. Hasbro gave us a test copy to transform and show off, which you can watch in our build and unboxing video below.

This is a pretty sweet figure which at first gave me pause since it was so small. Once you start transforming it though it becomes very clear the detail and engineering of Bumblebee, and his cassette-bots, is out of this world. The chrome features are also a very nice touch and there’s quite a tight seal on the Camaro once you’ve transformed Bumblebee into the car. The box is also inventive and inspired mimicking a cassette tape in itself. Speaking of, the dino transformers are pretty nifty with a good weight to them and some nice attachable guns to increase their threat level.

The only downside to this figure, which runs at $59.99 on the Hasbro toy shop, is how pieces can sometimes be really hard to unhinge. It looks like you can find it on Amazon, but it will cost you a bit more to pick up.

Overall this is a very slick toy and, if you’re lucky, you should add it to your collection.

Studio Series 19 Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage
Is it good?
Don't let the size fool you. This Transformer packs a lot of punch and is super fun to transform.
Smaller toy, but packs a lot of punch with a great design
The dino-cassette's are excellent
Packaging is retro and cool
Sometimes pieces won't budge and it feels like you'll break them. Keep pushing and it'll transform.
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