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AiPT! Podcast Episode 42: Boston and Beyond!

This week the AiPT! Podcast discusses Fan Expo Boston, Ruby Rose, our choices for comics, and poor taste!

Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand are joined by AiPT! Contributor, Chris A Hassan. Don’t ask what the “A” stands for. Chris is back from his trip to the Fan Expo Boston and shares many stories about Matt Rosenberg, Nick Spencer, and John Byrne. Jason shares his thoughts on The Wild Storm #16. David talks about the new Image book, Crowded #1, and both share their thoughts on Batman #53. Don’t worry, Chris chimes in as well! And Chris is back with another poor taste and has finally thrown out the white flag on Moviepass. And our weekly picks! So sit back and enjoy the latest AiPT! Podcast!

The AiPT Podcast is – Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand. You can find Jason on Twitter @FelixLancaster and you can find David on Twitter @Sycotic. Our guest on this episode is AiPT! contributor, Chris Hassan. You can find Chris on Twitter @ChrisAHassan. You can tweet us personally or at the show’s account on Twitter @AiPTPodcast


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