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Disney remains adamant with James Gunn firing decision; director will not return to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise

“Though the meeting was described as civil and professional, sources say that Horn stood by his decision to not reinstate Gunn as director.”

Although the support to reinstate James Gunn as director for the latest installment in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has been nothing short of staunch (including Drax actor Dave Batista stating his decision to quit if Gunn’s script wasn’t used and everyone from Chris Pratt to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige voicing their support), Disney’s decision is final: Gunn won’t be coming back to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

According to Variety:

After a strong push to get James Gunn back as director of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” following his firing from the project, Disney and Marvel are standing by their decision to not reinstate him as helmer for the next installment. The decision came following a meeting between Gunn and studio chairman Alan Horn.

Guardians Vol. 3 was initially slated to enter production in the beginning of 2019 and “while sources have stressed that Gunn’s original script will be used for the next film, it is still very likely that whoever is brought in will still need to put a polish on it in order to add their stamp to the project.”

Is Disney making the right decision in keeping Gunn off the project due to his questionable past tweets? Will whoever takes over for Gunn be able to deliver a film worthy of its successors? Will you still be seeing Guardians Vol. 3 despite the controversy? Sound off in the comments.


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