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Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 Review

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If you were a fan of Spider-Verse you’re probably giddy for Spider-Geddon, which begins with Edge of Spider-Geddon out today. This is a prequel of sorts to that event focusing on specific Spider-Man of different dimensions before the all-out war commences. This issue is all about Spider-Punk, who may be one of the most recognizable Spider-Man alternatives due to the unique look (and Marvel Legends figure).

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This is one of those comics you don’t necessarily need to read, but if you’re hype for an event you might as well pick it up even if the title character doesn’t interest you. This is also drawn by Gerardo Sandoval who has done some amazing work with Venom in the past.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is a fun callout to a big time Marvel hero. Credit: Marvel Comics

Gear up for alternate reality hijinks as this series dumps readers onto Earth 138 and basically introduces Spider-Punk (or if you ask him, it’s Spider-Man) to new readers. Writer Jed MacKay sets up a punk rocker nightmare for our Spidey lead with a surprise or two in hand as the action starts to fly. I don’t want to spoil it, but just imagine being a sellout and you get the idea. This book has a 90s sort of vibe, focusing mostly on action and setting up a wicked punk rocker hero for later.

This is the sort of comic that’s great for those in the know with a slightly obscure character like Spider-Punk. The issue opens with an alternate version of a major hero and there are some fun character details that help make the world fleshed out and believable.

Sandoval does a good job with this issue, especially the punk rocker hero in the end. The work looks edgy and this being a punk focused sort of narrative that’s perfect. There’s also a fun use of double page layouts that keep things interesting.

He looks familiar. And corporate. Credit: Marvel Comics.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Much like a 90s comic, there’s little character work or introspection going on. It’s leading very heavily on action and a circular sort of plot that has Spider-Punk fighting, fleeing, fighting again, and then fleeing once again. It’s one long action scene with little in regards to stakes or danger for the hero. It also requires deus ex machina to resolve things which are never good.

The dialogue can also be incredibly wordy further slowing things down and making it hard to care about the events of the book. I couldn’t get into the narrative however badly I wanted to and more often than not I wanted to skip to the end. Then the end sort of comes out of nowhere and is too easy.

Is it good?

I know some folks will love this because it’s good at being an Elseworlds story. It’s trying to show off a world that’s deep, but unfortunately, the conflict is hard to care about and the character paper thin.

Edge of Spider-Geddon #1
Is it good?
An entirely skippable affair due to a lackluster conflict and boring characters.
Has a knack for Elseworld storytelling
Sandoval makes a surprise punk character quite cool
The dialogue can be too wordy for its own good
Little is done to make you care about the character or the conflict

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