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Marvel Legends Poison 6-inch action figure unboxing and review

Dive in with one of the newest characters to get the Marvel Legends treatment.

Hasbro is all about keeping fans happy and that includes producing figures for brand new characters. The Poison character is only a year old (if that!) created by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello and serves as the ultimate villain to all Symbiotes. As we learn in the comics the crystalline extraterrestrials convert Symbiotes into Poison’s which are stronger and more powerful. They are the predators of Symbiotes and ended up destroying an entire Earth from another dimension. That makes this character quite suitable for a Venom wave. Check out the unboxing below.

I was taken by surprise by the detail of this figure. From the official Marvel Legends photos, it looks stark white with the black tendrils coming out of the logo on the front, but there is actually a lot of subtle detailing going on here. The body looks quite futuristic and has an armored look. The head has an armored helmet look too. The black tendrils sprouting from its chest look cool too and they’re quite in there so no worries about those breaking off. The only downside to this figure is it isn’t as widely known and it’s not necessarily a figure I had to have. The only accessory to come with this is the Monster Venom BAF arm.

If you like this figure you can find it in stores now or you can pick it up off Amazon today.

Marvel Legends Poison
Is it good?
A cool looking figure, albeit am obscure one many won't know much about.
Suits the Venom line since it's an enemy of Symbiotes
Good armored detailing all over this figure
The tendrils coming out of the chest are sturdy and won't break off
Lacks accessories
A newer, but still somewhat obscure character to make a Marvel Legends out of
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