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World of Warcraft: Feral druids are receiving some hotfix buffs in the next 48 hours

Our poor feline friends are falling behind the pack. Hopefully this fixes things.

Battle For Azeroth has been released for just over a week, and while everybody’s generally enjoying the expansion, some specs are better than others. One of the specs that has been following behind everybody else is — to the surprise of nobody who played the beta — feral druids. They play slowly, their dots are weak, and their burst is nonexistent, making questing and even dungeons a chore.

Thankfully, Blizzard realizes this is the case and announced on the official WoW forums that fixes are coming very quickly. Within the next 48 hours, hotfixes will be applied to buff Brutal Slash by 20%, and Swipe and Thrash by 15% a piece. They are also going to be hotfixing an issue with Berserk that caused the buff to disappear when shapeshifting.

Hopefully this is enough to fix feral druids, because they desperately need it.

Check out the official Blizzard response below:

Going to send a hotfix soon to fix this. Berserk should persist through shapeshifting, same as Tiger’s Fury and Incarnation: King of the Jungle. Thanks for pointing it out.

After doing our internal testing, taking into consideration the feedback here and elsewhere, we’re now going forward with the following damage increases:

Brutal Slash: +20% Damage
Swipe: +15% Damage
Thrash: +15% Damage

We don’t have a precise timeframe for this to hit the live game, but we expect it in the next 48 hours or so.

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