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‘Star Wars Vol. 8: Mutiny at Mon Cala’ review: A well-written Star Wars espionage story

The creative team delivers yet again with a film-worthy story arc and Rebel secret mission.

Star Wars Vol. 8 is one of the most anticipated Star Wars trades yet, because the arc revolves around one of the most infamous and celebrated characters from the original trilogy. You guessed it, THE Admiral Ackbar. Mutiny at Mon Cala provides further history into his homeland and his role in the rebellion which is something every Star Wars fan deserves.

Mutiny at Mon Cala marks the second Star Wars volume Gillen and Larroca have created together and this time they’re attempting to appeal to the Fandom by providing a background on the idolized Admiral Gial Ackbar. The rebellion forces are desperate for a new planet for their base and Ackbar has suggested his home planet of Mon Cala. The only problem is that it’s under control of Imperial forces. The volume documents our favorite team of rebels as they strategize an elaborate plan full of new faces and familiar foes, all in an attempt to inspire a worldwide uprising.

Despite being somewhat new to this series, Gillen demonstrates his writing chops and familiarity with the Star Wars saga in this great addition to the comic canon. The storyline is balanced throughout the entire volume with a heavy dose of action and calculated espionage which gives this volume a unique appeal. It really does feel like a sci-fi Ocean’s 11 with the plot twists, impersonations and, you know, the hundred foot long ocean monsters. There’s a healthy dose of homages to the films, but the focus was to create a new chapter of Mon Cala’s history and their involvement with the rebellion.

Credit: Marvel Comics

What I love most about this arc is the characters’ involvement and each role they play in executing the mission. I’m a huge C-3PO fan and I think Larroca utilizes him the perfect amount as a comic relief while also giving Han and Chewie and opportunity to partner up for some deception and hijinx. The shapeshifting Tunga was a great addition to the group and was the highlight of every panel he was featured in and I’d be shocked if he doesn’t make appearances in future issues. The conclusion of the arc sets up the following volume while also hinting at deception within the rebel officials, a plot that had been subtly teased throughout Leia’s storyline and interactions while executing the mission.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In my last review of a Star Wars trade, Out Among the Stars, I commented on how talented Larroca is, but there are times when the faces are so oddly distorted that they completely take you out of the moment and detract from his otherwise incredible work. Thankfully, those unnatural facial expressions aren’t present in this latest trade, which means we can fully appreciate this classic Star Wars imagery. What’s incredible about Larroca’s artwork, especially in this volume when paired with Guru-efx’s colors, is the fact that he can make you feel nostalgic over new planets and scenery. He has a true eye for the Star Wars aesthetic and can make these foreign lands seemingly familiar and I’m sure these scenes of Mon Cala will be cataloged and referenced heavily in the future.

Is It Good?

The creative team delivers yet again with a film-worthy story arc and Rebel secret mission. Not only does the arc feature the issue with the most incredible Star Wars cover art (see issue #48), but provides quality writing, standout artwork and consistently entertaining storylines. The creative team has continued to produce great issues and this is another example.

Star Wars Vol. 8: Mutiny at Mon Cala
Is it good?
Gillen and Larroca have created a fun and exciting new chapter to the Star Wars saga. Their exploration of Mon Cala and their role in the rebellion is spot on.
Gillan creates a thrilling story and provides an opportunity to explore the great Admiral Ackbar's home planet
The arc contains a healthy balance of homages and new material never seen in the Star Wars saga
Larroca and Guru-eFX do a great job of painting the aquatic world of Mon Cala and the space battles above it

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