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Eminem surprise-dropped a new LP ‘Kamikaze,’ featuring a song from the ‘Venom’ soundtrack

“I got that adrenaline venom.”

Eminem got the world talking about him again last night when he surprise-dropped his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. The album is a blistering lash-out on Trump’s America, the current state of rap and the world at large. Eminem is at his best when he’s angry, and after last year’s flop (“Revival didn’t go viiiral!”), Slim Shady appears to have anger in droves.

Included on the album is “Venom (Music From the Motion Picture),” which will, you guessed it, appear on the soundtrack for Sony’s upcoming Venom movie. The acerbic track could be seen as both autobiographical and a chronicle of Eddie Brock, with lines like “Knock knock, let the devil in / Malevolent as I’ve ever been, head is spinnin’ /This medicine’s screamin’, “L-l-l-let us in!”” and “You marvel that? Eddie Brock is you / and I’m the suit.”

Venom is just over one month away, and having an apparently reinvigorated Em dropping a track like this is only heightening the hype for the movie.

Kamikaze is available on Apple Music and Spotify. Listen to “Venom (Music From the Motion Picture)” below.


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