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‘The Predator’ final trailer features Predator dogs, a better look at the hunter’s thermal vision and plenty of gore

“We took a vote. Predator sounds cooler.”

Now it’s starting to look like a Shane Black film.

Although we were nonplussed with the initial trailer offerings for The Predator, each subsequent one has had our anticipation levels on the rise. The final trailer for the film gives us a better look at the Predator’s “hunting dogs,” AKA Hell-Hounds, some amusing, self-aware jokes (“We took a vote. Predator sounds cooler”), and some gruesome looking kills courtesy of the titular hunter:

Let’s just hope Shane Black holds some nostalgia in his heart (given his role in the original 1987 Predator) and doesn’t make the same mistake as Predators — that is, making the original Predator needlessly job to the “newer, more advanced, Super-Predator.”

The Predator hits theaters on September 14th.


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