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Watch: The Raw roster dismantles The Shield to cap off a wild WWE Raw

A grave injustice occurred to close out an insane episode of Monday Night Raw.

To close out what was already the wildest episode of Monday Night Raw, The Shield returned from their temporary arrest only to be completely dismantled by nearly every heel member of the Raw roster.

As Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose came back to the arena in the very police van that carted them off earlier in the night, they approached the faction of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. But before they could make the ring, they were ambushed by a cavalry of bad guys, lead by Kevin Owens (who un-quit earlier on in the evening).

What followed was a brutal assault the kind usually reserved for The Shield’s opponents: Reigns was heaved into the ring apron and slammed onto the ring steps. Rollins was thrown into the van, shattering the window, and later had the van door slammed in his face. And Ambrose was beaten down by at least ten men.

Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre (referred to multiple times throughout the night as a “Pack,” which is possibly their new stable name) stood tall at the end of the night, proving to be formidable opponents for The Shield going into Strowman and Reigns’ upcoming clash at Hell in a Cell.


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