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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 review

Elvira meets up with Edgar Allan Poe and Vlad the Impaler is hot on her trail.

From her TV appearances to her roles in films, I have been an Elvira fan since I was young. Seeing her back in the pages of a comic book made me a little nervous. Would she be written with the right edge and humor that would do justice in introducing her to new readers and gaining her new fans? Would the comic make die hard fans like me just as happy? Short answer: yes! I enjoyed reading the first issue of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and I was ready for the next issue.

What is the book about?

The end of the last issue had Elvira teleporting in her cushy coffin to 1838 Philadelphia where she met Edgar Allan Poe. Her horror journey continues as she travels with Poe to the local pub. Poe doesn’t understand Elvira’s time warp issues, so he is essentially of no help to her.

Everything is going just fine — even the bartender is enjoying the view of his new patron when Vlad the Impaler from the first issue shows up. Vlad believes that Elvira is a witch and wants two things: 1. Elvira dead. 2. Return to his own time. The trio attack Vlad and think they put him down for good, but could it be that easy?


Elvira’s wit is full on display in the opening pages of this issue. Allvaone continues to do a solid job with her humor, even breaking the fourth wall explaining to Poe about all the variant issues that issue #1 had. She also makes it quite clear that she is here for sex appeal and not exposition.

Dave Acosta and Andrew Covalt’s artwork is sharp and colorful for a horror comic. Elvira looks sexy and voluptuous as expected, and Vlad looks like a menacing force to be reckon with. The detail in all of the characters really stands out in this issue.

The bad

It appears that Elvira is going to rinse and repeat the end of every issue. Encounter a classic horror icon from the past, get into some shenanigans with said icon, escape in her coffin, show up and meet someone new. I guess it works, but I wouldn’t complain about a deeper story. Yes, I know how I sound…Elvira, deeper story, really? Yes, but it’s just my opinion.

The ugly

Vlad the Impaler! This cat is ugly as hell and looks evil. He also proves to be a worthy adversary against the sexy Mistress of Dark. How will she stop him? Will she stop him?

The verdict

Despite the repetition that appears will be a running gimmick through the rest of the series, I liked this issue. If you are a fan of Elvira and don’t mind “one-shot” stories where she encounters classic horror legends from the past; then I think you will enjoy this series as well.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2
Is it good?
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 is a fun escape from the usual suspects of superhero books.
Artwork is fantastic to look at. The detail to character is exquisite.
Avallone captures the wit and humor of Elvira and it never feels forced
So far there has been a nice assortment of characters that Elvira encounters
The way each story appears like it will be ending. I wanted a bit more

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