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Superman Giant #3 Review

Tom King and Adam Kubert knock their first Superman story out of the park.

DC Comics has been introducing their Giant-Sized comics to Walmart and they’ve delivered on new stories anyone can enjoy. Probably the most anticipated is the Superman Giant, which is written by Tom King. This 12 part story is also drawn by Andy Kubert and focuses on a very human story.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

When a child is abducted by aliens from Gotham City, the Man of Steel must travel across the galaxy to save her!

Why does this matter?

Superman fights giant aliens, smashes asteroids, and generally fights the most powerful villains in the universe. King takes an interesting approach with this story, focusing on his desire to save just one little girl. It’s a story about hope and never giving up on anyone no matter how small the endeavor may seem.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What an amazing page! Credit: DC Comics

This book contains other stories which are previously published DC Comics stories, but I’ll be focusing on Kubert and King’s Superman story. This story runs 13 pages long and focuses on setting up the conflict for Superman. This story is genuine and tackles a seemingly minor case, especially for Superman, but one that eats away at him. Superman has always been a beacon of hope and King delves into what that means when a little girl’s hope for justice cannot be satisfied by the usual means. King does a great job setting up the fact that Superman fights threats that save hundreds if not thousands of people at a time. He puts into focus how Superman is so powerful, but in the case of a little girl being kidnapped, he’s powerless. It allows him to focus in on Superman’s righteousness and drive to do right for everyone.

Love this rendering of Gotham. Credit: DC Comics

This is a great story for new readers, but also longtime readers too since it captures the heart and soul of the character so well. We also get a nice look at Clark’s day job (and the screaming he must endure from his boss) as well as an intimate moment between Clark and Lois. In just thirteen pages King captures a lot of what makes this character great and may even make you want him to write this character fulltime sooner than later.

Kubert is exceptional on this issue. There are quite a few splashy moments capturing the greater good Superman does as well as the superhero fighting he gets to take part in. The opening page, for instance, shows Superman punching a giant robot into bits midair. It’s impressive. There’s also a great full page spread of Superman saving a train and some montaging on two pages that go a long way to show how Superman saves people in so many ways. This is juxtaposed well with the deeper meaning of Superman almost obsessing over saving one little girl.

He really needs to lighten up. Credit: DC Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

Though this story packs a big punch it also seems a tad short which is obvious since it’s 9 pages short of a usual issue. It’s unfortunate DC is stretching this over 12 chapters, but it makes sense since you’ll want more instantly once it’s over.

Is it good?

An excellent first chapter in a story that dives into what makes Superman so wholesome and great. King and Kubert are making magic here, delivering on big action moments and a meaningful story.

Superman Giant #3
Is it good?
An excellent first chapter in a story that dives into what makes Superman so wholesome and great. King and Kubert are making magic here delivering on big action moments and a meaningful story.
Gets at the core of Superman's heart and goodness
Excellent art with lots of splashy pages

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