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Life of Captain Marvel #3 Review

This series remains one of the most genuine and poignant in regards to Captain Marvel’s personal life.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but it’s a great time to be a Captain Marvel fan. The trailer dropped yesterday and it might be one of the best first trailers for any Marvel movie yet. Fear not if you want more Captain Marvel in your life as the comic book miniseries being released is quite good too. The third issue is out today and in it, things really heat up.

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

Margaret Stohl is taking Carol Danvers home, not only to ground the character, but give her some much-needed backstory. This series has developed the character very well and done so with honest writing and genuine emotions. Artist Carlos Pacheco has added to that giving the book a down-home feel that is unquestionably real.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Love is in the air. Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue is very good at reminding us this story takes place in Maine complete with fishermen dotted here and there, a strong Boston accent on the main character, and even a lighthouse to spruce things up. Opening with the villain in a fishing boat, Stohl reminds us Carol is in great danger and yet what is on her mind most is the fact that her dad cheated on her mom. As the story progresses we get further confirmation of what was going on as well as a hell of a twist on the whole damn thing at the very end.

The meatiest sections of the issue focus on Carol and Louis connecting romantically. Stohl writes good dialogue here–if Louis’ Boston accent doesn’t annoy you of course–and it’s a genuine interaction that leads to an interesting place. This leads to a scene with Carol interacting with her mom and the conflict that has risen from knowing her mom was okay with her father’s affair. That’s a difficult topic to broach with a family member and the anguish Carol is going through is relatable.

Pacheco continues to draw a strong series here. It’s all about character interaction, and that includes great flashback scenes with a watercolor look (colors by Marcio Menyz). The full-page splash that ends the issue is quite possibly the best with some really cool costume design and color use to hammer home the reveal.

Hmmm where could we be? Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from the big reveal at the end, this issue retreads too much stuff. We already know Louis likes Carol, but we’re given another scene suggesting something between them is there only to pull back from it. Carol confronts her mom again–and even has a confrontation on a dock, again–leading to almost no new information. Even the villain, who has been chasing Carol since the last page of the first issue, is still being shown on her way to Carol rather than finally getting there (though admittedly she does finally reach her on the very last page). The narrative is definitely drawn out more than it needs to be.

Is it good?

A good issue that flips the script so to speak on the very last page. This series remains one of the most genuine and poignant in regards to Captain Marvel’s personal life. Get your popcorn ready — action and explanations are coming next issue!

Life Of Captain Marvel #3
Is it good?
A good issue thanks to continued solid character writing and a last page that'll surprise everyone.
The character writing is quite strong
A jaw dropping cliffhanger
Great art
This issue is retreading too much extending the story when it should be pushing forward

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