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Sean Gordon Murphy teases his upcoming DC project with new Azrael artwork

Choo Choo. All aboard the hype train!

Comic book writer, penciller, artist and inker Sean Gordon Murphy has teased the announcement of his next upcoming DC project for 2019 with a tweet sent out this evening.

“BREAKING: get ready for a huge announcement about my next book in 2019…”

The artwork features Azrael in costume holding a flaming sword. Azrael, aka Jean-Paul Valley, is the man who replaced Batman after his back was broken by Bane in the events of Knightfall. Valley was a member of the religious sect, Order of St. Dumas, and after his father’s death he took up the responsibilities of Azrael and was later recruited by Batman to fight crime in Gotham city.

It’s not clear at this time if Murphy is teasing a new Azrael series or if this is artwork for a sequel to his most recent project, Batman: White Knight. The eight issue mini-series began in October of last year and found Batman and Joker within a position of role reversal, with Batman being depicted as the villain and Joker as the hero. The collected edition was recently released on the DC Black Label imprint.

With New York Comic Con barely a week away it’s likely we’ll get the official announcement there. Be sure to check back with us as AiPT! will be on site and covering all of DC’s panels throughout the weekend.


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