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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – September 2018

The best comic book panels from comic books out this month.

Time to get into the Halloween spirit a touch early with our favorite panels from comic books released in September 2018. These are the very best panels from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more as we hand selected the best, funniest, scariest, and all around great panels from comics coming out today.

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This is a feature that appears every Friday. Buckle up and enjoy our commentary whether it’s reflective or comical.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1

Writer: Joel Hodgson, Harold Buchholz, Matt McGinnis, Mary Robinson, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe | Artist: Todd Nauck, Mike Manly
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dave: This book has quite a clever concept (the characters get transported into a comic) and it couldn’t be done with a better cast of characters.

Forrest: It’s a bold move for Gypsy, the most serpentine of the cast, to not actually be serpentining with much of a rush but here we are.

Alyssa: Makes total sense that Tom Servo is cracking jokes in every panel even as he’s trying to escape death.

Life of Captain Marvel #3

Writer: Margaret Stohl | Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: That costume is rad. Sucks when your mom can dress better than you, though.

Forrest: Mom jeans (sashes, tunics, whatever) are cool again.

Dog: Are those space pants you’re wearing, cuz maybe that’s where my interplanetary Kree DNA came from.

Alyssa: *RuPaul voice* We were looking for a strong family resemblance and you gave us that. Thank you, House of Danvers.

Brian: “Where did you learn to be a superhero?” “From you, all right? I learned it by inheriting the ability to successfully absorb the DNA of an alien and kick Thanos in the face by watching you!”

Jason: Mom’s powers include the ability to stand on a 2D plane or hover above a weirdly angled floor that makes her look like 3xs the size of her daughter.

Adventures of the Super Sons #2

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Artist: Art Thibert, Carlo Barberi
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The 90s are starting to creep into our pop culture. My god.

Forrest: But does the Kryptonite go all the way to 11?

Dog: By the Doppler Effect, I conclude this panel is rotating clockwise toward us.

Brian: I see that Damien got his father’s knack for poking stuff to see what it does.

United States vs. Murder Inc. #1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: And that’s how you make a traditional mafia bolognese!

Forrest: This is a good use of many different shades of red! So, so much red, sorry mafia dude.

Dog: The return to Panels of everyone’s favorite EYEBALL EJECTIONS! The biggest nostalgia trip since the Bumblebee trailer!

Alyssa: Don’t forget the intestines! No traumatic injury is complete without guts on the outside.

Brian: New York was so much more raw before Guiliani ruined it.

David H: *adds United States vs. Murder Inc to pull list*

Venom #6

Writer: Donny Cates | Artist: Ryan Stegman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: I think I’d be willing to bring my house down if I could see cement form the shape of the sounds as they crush me to death.

Forrest: Krakoa crossover hinted at (insert picture of Forrest at a wall covered in red strings connecting minor conspiracy theories here), Venom’s status as a book better than Watchmen is confirmed.

Dog: “Sandworms — you hate ’em, right?”

Brian: Tremors entering the MCU confirmed.

David H: The only thing missing is Kevin Bacon

Thanos Legacy #1

Writer: Donny Cates | Artist: Brian Level
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: I kinda love how incredibly happy Thanos is about knowing he’s about to die. What a relief.


Forrest: That top right panel is going to haunt me. Damn good dentist, though.

Alyssa: Is it just me, or does that panel focused just on Thanos’ eyes look like the cover of Silence of the Lambs?

Jason: I’m just trying to mentally process what that onomatopoeia is meant to sound like. FWFH? Fuh-Woof-huh?

Brian: Since we’re all doing pictures, apparently…

Superman Giant #3

Writer: Tom King | Artist: Adam Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

Dog: “Can’t talk now babe, dismantling a giant nuclear robot.”
“That’s what you always say!”

Dave: Yoooo, Adam Kubert is only getting better!

Forrest: This is very good and rad but whenever I see panels like this I hear “No capes!” in the back of my mind.

Brian: That Superman is regular sized! I want my money back!

The Immortal Hulk #5

Writer: Al Ewing | Artist: Joe Bennett
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: “Go home and commit to Crossfit.”

Dave: Wait…she wants to be an unfeeling monster that can not be hurt in any way? Wait to hurt the big guys feelings!

Forrest: Maybe she’ll hitchhike her way and know how Hulk really feels. (That’s a deep cut).

Alyssa: I think she needs to do some whippets or coke judging from Hulk’s eyes.

Brian: Literally anyone else would have asked about the pants.

David H: Looks like she should have asked for a ride.

Jason: If she wants to be green and obnoxious she could’ve just asked almost any Packers fan.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3

Writer: Donny Cates | Artist: Dylan Burnett
Publisher: Marvel Comics

David H: I’m all about Iron Groot!

Dave: Iron Groot makes me both sad and kind of aroused.

Dog: I feel the same way about Jennifer Lawrence.

Forrest: Cable is serving up real hot dad Judge Dredd vibes that I’m very into.

Brian: Man, Kamala Khan carrying Captain America’s shield is going to piss off some #Comicsgate idiots. Good.

Jason: I don’t know why, but I feel like I need a Juggerduck Funko.

Justice League #7

Writer: Scott Snyder | Artist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Sometimes Batman contributes because he knows he’s ignored a lot of the time. Probably.

Forrest: 2 Justice 2 Hard in theaters eventually at this rate.

Dog: Starring Bruce Willis as Vin Diesel.

Alyssa: This feels like the appropriate 2018 answer. Don’t question what you are doing, just double down and do it harder! #hottake

Brian: Self-aware Samurai Batman is the best Batman. Also, Self-Aware Samurai Batman is the name of my introspective J-Pop group that only does Prince covers while scowling.

Silver Surfer Annual #1

Writer: Ethan Sacks | Artist: André Lima Araújo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: The next page is a full page spread of Earth. Haunting!

Forrest: I really loved this issue but was also very struck by how polished Surfer keeps that dome, look at that shine! Mr. Clean back off.

Dog: That first panel looks like a cotton candy machine farted. I love it.

Brian: NASA worked really hard to keep Cassini away from the rings for fear of messing with potential life and Surfer just slides across them like it was nothing. Show some respect.

Border Town #1

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel | Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Publisher: DC Vertigo

Dave: Strong message.

Forrest: No funny quip for this one, if you haven’t checked out Border Town yet this is a good encapsulation of why you should.

Dog: Oh, so I’m the ass**** who has to post ACTUAL Japanese thrash metal. The WHITEST guy here.

Brian: Who rules Border Town? Oh, wait, we’re not making jokes? S--t. My bad, yo.

David H: Dog isn’t the only one with Japan metal knowledge!

Jason: I mean, if we’re just posting Japanese thrash metal, this feels like the right time to mention Detroit Metal City:

Seeds #2

Writer: Ann Nocenti | Artist: David Aja
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Brian: That’s where the creamy center is!

Dave: The X-Files could have gone this route, but then it’d be more grindhouse than TV drama.

Forrest: Oh, hm, it, uh, hm. I think I’ll take a break from using the alien emoji for awhile now.

Dog: Guess they learned all they could from anal probes.

Star Wars #54

Writer: Kieron Gillen | Artist: Salvador Larroca
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: There’s Darth Vader, and then there’s the Monster Formerly Known as Anakin Skywalker.

Forrest: You know, I respect that rebels make any effort at all to stand up to Vader. I would be like “nah, dude” and this is why.

Dog: When lasers are this futile, I understand stormtroopers not bothering to aim.

Brian: Little do the Rebels know, we’ve secretly replaced their blasters with laser pointers. Let’s see how they react.

Return of Wolverine

Writer: Charles Soule | Artist: Steve McNiven
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: “Ahem, it’s Wolverine, bub.”

Forrest: What do y’all think Wolverine’s hair routine is like? That ‘do is voluminous.

Dog: Maple syrup and a comb made of back bacon.

Alyssa: You know he’s got a blow dryer, a round brush, volumizing spray, and a back-combing skill like none other. He’s the one with the separate suitcase for all his product.

Brian: Wolverine straight copying Roman Reigns’ signal there. That’s gimmick infringement, brother.

Jason: Wolvie’s dressed like the valet at that hip new Sushi restaurant your parents keep talking about.

Venom: First Host #3

Writer: Mike Costa | Artist: Mark Bagley
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: “New Symbiote, who diss?”

Forrest: I love the new Symbiote’s teeth holes, the latest in totally excessive but cool character design.

Dog: “I have a second stomach that digests plastic. But only pencaps. It’s not as useful as you’d think.”

Brian: Was this when Venom infected Bill Cosby? Seems super rapey.

Batman: Damned #1

Writer: Brian Azzarello | Artist: Lee Bermejo
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: One of the pages that has the world in a stir. Seriously guys, ya’ll know Batman had junk under the costume right? Hell, some artists explicitly drew his costume so you knew!

Forrest: Will someone please get Babs Tarr in here to draw Batman as hot as he’s supposed to be? I guess I can’t say they half-assed this but it’s still embarrASSsing.

Dog: THAT’s the wang everyone is up in arms about? Now I see why he overcompensates.

Alyssa: Batman dresses right. Good to know. And Dog, you know it’s cold in that cave. #shrinkage [Clip]


David H: I’m just here to say Ding Dong.

Jason: More like BRUCE WANG, AMIRIGHT??? I’ll see myself out.

Justice League Dark #3

Writer: James Tynion IV | Artist: Alvaro Martinez Bueno
Publisher: DC Comics

Forrest: I thought this was called Justice League DARK, why’s it so BRIGHT? Aha-ha-ha-ha (Forrest is dragged off stage)


Jason: Vegeta did it better:

Batman Giant #3

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Nick Derington
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I’ve never quite experienced what it was like to be Batman, until now. The very next splash page is incredible too. See here.

Alyssa: I like seeing the perspective of the random bystander too.

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