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NYCC 2018 first look: Zöe Quinn’s ‘Goddess Mode’ tackles the perils of technology run amok

Quinn makes the jump to comic books in one of the DC Vertigo relaunch’s most hotly anticipated title.

Amongst DC Vertigo’s new stable of writers is Zöe Quinn, another creator from another medium making the jump to comics in the imprint. The Depression Quest developer has a unique insight into the unlimited potential of technology, for both good and bad. Enter: Goddess Mode.

Goddess Mode was announced by DC back in June, and is described as taking place “in a near future where all of humanity’s needs are administered by a godlike A.I.” It’s up to lead character Cassandra to do tech support for it. Cassandra will be an endearing character, but like most of Quinn’s protagonists, also a “total mess.” “My favorite DC character is Harley Quinn, because she’s a disaster,” she joked.

The series promises to take a look at the ever-increasing importance of technology, and the risks that are inherent in allowing it to manage so much of our lives. “Tech is like magic,” she said. “It’s the most important thing in the world.” But unfortunately, Quinn has seen first hand how technology is increasingly being used to destroy one another, instead of “fulfilling that utopian ideal we had in the 90s.”

However, usually, the ones who are striving to improve it are usually the ones suffering the most. One of Zöe’s challenges in writing Goddess Mode is trying to “tell the story and not commodify suffering.” “[The protagonists] know stuff is screwed up and they want to make it better, but how do we do that and not go crazy?”

Goddess Mode has a definite cyberpunk feel to it, taking place in a dystopian future where technology has run amok. The story is presented by Robbi Rodriguez’s vibrant, stylish art, which really helps enhance the mood of the story. Panel goers at New York Comic Con were treated to never before seen artwork for the comic, which you can see below.

Goddess Mode #1 hits shelves December 12.


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