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Joe Quesada wants to do one more Daredevil story — with Mike Mignola [NYCC 2018]

Would you like to see it?

The customary “Cup O’ Joe” panel at New York Comic Con went a little differently this year. Rather than hyping Marvel comics yet to come, Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada rounded up Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti and Thomas E. Sniegoski to celebrate the initiative they collaborated on 20 years ago, one that many say saved Marvel publishing — the Marvel Knights imprint.

The panel was more free-wheeling than usual, with audience questions interspersed with reminiscing from the creators. The final question of the day clearly made the old veterans feel like starry-eyed newcomers again. What project would you still most like to work on, and with whom?

Sniegoski went the “living or dead” route and picked Jack Kirby, saying it would be great for the “King” to tell him what to write. Priest said he already got his dream by working with Neal Adams. Palmiotti just wants to write Punisher, with a team of all-star artists.

Image credit: Marvel Comics

“I think I’ve got another Daredevil story in me,” said Quesada, who famously drew the “Guardian Devil” arc written by Kevin Smith, in 1999. No one in attendance expected, however, for him to name Mike Mignola as a potential partner. “I’d love to work with him,” Quesada nevertheless said.

Whether Quesada wants to write or draw this hypothetical story wasn’t clear, as both he and Mignola have done both. Mignola is maybe best known as the writer of Hellboy, but Quesada has cited his art as an early influence.

“It’ll never happen,” though, Quesada lamented.

So what do you think, comic fans? Can we will this dream partnership into being, or is the CCO right about the politics being too difficult?


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