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James Gunn will write and possibly direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Months after being dumped by Disney, James Gunn returns to a superhero movie project.

Just a few months after being unceremoniously let go by Disney, James Gunn has already found more work in the superhero movies sphere. Deadline is reporting that he has been hired by Warner Bros. to write, and possibly even direct, Suicide Squad 2.

Gunn was at the helm of one of the most popular movie franchises in recent memory with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, until he was dropped from the project by parent company Disney following manufactured outrage at decade-old tweets he had already long since apologized for. The ousting was a shocking one, and one that led the entire Guardians cast to speak out against the firing. A petition was also created to re-hire James Gunn, which nearly reached half a million signatures.

In the end, though, Disney remained committed to their decision to remove him from the project.

Gunn comes into a Suicide Squad franchise that despite being financially successful — the film grossed $746 million worldwide — it was panned by critics. Given his previous job, Gunn is no stranger to taking a crew of lesser superheroes and making a compelling movie out of it, so it will be interesting to see where he takes the franchise.


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