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Toynk’s exclusive Toonies Bob Ross vinyl figures review

Check out Toynk’s exclusive Toonies Bob Ross vinyl figures!

Everyone loves Bob Ross and his happy little trees! And now you have a choice of three exclusive Toonies Bob Ross vinyl figures from our friends at Toynk. Each figure is 6.5″, nicely sculpted and the paint detail is incredible. You have the choice of the regular color version, the SDCC exclusive which is an all gold Bob Ross and the last is a solid white variant. The white variant is your own canvas to customize your own Bob Ross.

As you can see these figures are pretty slick! Who doesn’t like Bob Ross? And who wouldn’t want a vinyl figure of him on your work desk or in your collection. The detail is spot on to everyone’s favorite nature painter. Each figure has its own unique qualities with the respective paint style. I am not creative by far, but looking at the all white variant has me questioning if I could maybe paint him with some interesting colors. My only complaint is they aren’t bobble heads.

But don’t let that deter you from picking one or all three of these up! They are awesome to have displayed. I have the original at work and the other two are on my shelf at home. If you are a fan of Bob Ross or awesome vinyl figures in general, then Toynk’s Toonies exclusive Bob Ross figures are a must buy!

Want more? Of course you do! Check our AiPT! YouTube channel for more videos!

Is it good?
If you are a Bob Ross fan, you are gonna want to add these to your collection!
Nice sculpt and detail, looks just like Bob Ross.
The paint is gorgeous on the original figure.
The gold is a unique variant and the white you can be creative!
I wish his head bobbled, but not a deal breaker.

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