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[WATCH] ‘Marvel Battle Lines’ mobile game demo at NYCC 2018

A comics-loving card battler, with a twist.

Are you ready for ANOTHER Marvel mobile game???

I know, there are already a ton. But how about one that’s not too simple, not too complex, and really puts the emphasis on the comics and the characters themselves?

I got to demo Marvel Battle Lines from Nexon at New York Comic Con this year. I’ve gotten board with PuzzleQuest, and Contest of Champions is a little too button-mashy for something I want to do on my phone, so I’d been intrigued by Battle Lines since it was announced earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, the kind folks who showed it to me didn’t lead with the gameplay, but with their commitment to Marvel lore. Maybe a strange decision, but the comic-style layouts and the fact that 100 characters will be in the game at launch definitely grabbed my attention.

Battle Lines won’t be a brain-burner — as the name suggests, it’s superficially similar to good, old-fashioned tic-tac-toe. But it is deeper than that, allowing you to move your characters once they’re on the board, and even smash into your opponent’s guys to weaken them or take their spots. There are action cards, too, and the best cards cost Cosmic Cube fragments to play, so there’s that currency aspect, as well.

And yes, I said “cards.” Battle Lines also scratches that “CCG itch,” as you’ll be building up your arsenal as you progress. But being as comic-focused as this game is, you’ll actually earn bonuses for having more characters from a certain group, like SHIELD or the Masters of the Mystic Arts (do you remember Nox? Nexon does).

Don’t like comics for some reason? A lot of the voice acting in Marvel Battle Lines is done by people from the current Marvel cartoons!

Another cool thing is the presence of real PvP — you can actually request to play your friends and duke it out from either side, something not all these mobile game are capable of. Get the CCG experience, at a distance!

Marvel Battle Lines won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a Marvel nut looking for a medium-weight mobile game, it might be for you. No official word yet on whether there will be microtransactions or not, but as that’s pretty standard now, and Nexon was one of the pioneers, it shouldn’t shock anyone if it happens.

Marvel Battle Lines will be available for iOS and Android on October 24.


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