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The Weatherman #6 variant from Jerome Opeña

Comic Books

The Weatherman #6 unveils variant covers from Jerome Opeña and Cliff Chiang

The Weatherman #6 will hit shops with variants from two of Image’s top artists.

In celebration of the climatic finale of the series’s opening arc, The Weatherman #6 will ship with two limited edition variant covers courtesy of Jeome Opeña (Seven to Eternity) and Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls).

The Weatherman #6 variant by Jerome Opeña

Following the conclusion of the opening arc with issue #6, available Nov. 14, The Weatherman will go on a planned break and return in May 2019. The series, written by Jody LeHeup (Shirtless Bear-Fighter) and drawn by Nathan Fox (Dark Reign: Zodiac), has been a critical hit since it’s debut in June 2018, averaging an 8.6 on and receiving consistently high marks from our own Alex McDonald.

The Weatherman #6 variant by Cliff Chiang

The Weatherman follows the story of humanity after Earth is destroyed by a radical terrorist called the Sword of God, causing the survivors to re-establish society on Mars all while the ruthless orchestrator of Earth’s demise remains hidden… until the titular weather-man Nathan Bright discovers he may be more closely connected to the Sword of God and the end of the world than he ever knew.

It’s best described as a brilliant mixture of the ever-present sense of despair from The Leftovers, the science fiction infused post-Earth setting of Titan A.E., the slowly unraveling mystery of Memento, and the insanity and action of Borderlands.

Published by Image Comics, The Weatherman #6 hits comic book shops on Nov. 14 with a FOC of Oct. 22.


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