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Catwoman cosplay by Jennifer Van Damsel

“If you ever choose to rescue me again over catching the bad guy… I swear I’ll scratch your eyes out.”

Jim Lee’s sexy, dangerous Catwoman design, which first made its debut in Jeph Loeb’s “Hush” storyline, is well remembered for its sleek look, zip-up front and bad-ass goggles — one which cosplayer Jennifer Van Damsel replicates to a tee in the following photoset:

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This is my Jim Lee Catwoman NYCC Exclusive print that I just finished! Yes, the "clock" is actually there! I am not very good at composite photography AT ALL, so when I had this idea, I knew I needed to figure out how for my Catwoman! It only fell on my head three times during the shoot haha. I tried to stay with the Hush color scheme of aqua and yellow, and I'm pretty proud of this one!!! These will be available at the @invictawatch booth #444 during my signing times (noon until 5pm every day except Saturday which is 11am until 4pm) and online through my Storenvy for the duration of the con ONLY and then gone forever!!! My Patreon Sponsor Tier will get all 6, check out the extra rewards you could be getting from that for basically the same price! . . This fabric from the @yayahan @cosplayfabrics line was so perfect for my Jim Lee Catwoman. The matte finish looked so amazing under the lights. I was very pleased! (This isn't sponsored, I just wanted you to know this fabric is fantastic!) . .#cosplay #dc #catwoman #jimlee #lighting #photography #brandnew #thisiswhatihavebeendoingwithmylife #staringatmyownfacefordays #imtiredofmyface #invicta #invictanycc #nycc #exclusive

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OMG, YOU GUYS! NYCC was one crazy ride for sure ! It was so so nice meeting some of you for the first time and seeing others again ! Thanks for the chats about all kinds of things and for your continued support every time I visit ! I'm super πŸ’©d , maybe the most πŸ’©d I have ever been 🀣 I'm gonna go potato for a little bit now and then start working on sending out those NYCC Exclusive Storenvy orders ! Thank you so much to everyone that participated in that too πŸ–€ and thanks especially to @invictawatch for having me out and making it all possible ! HUGEST OF ALL THANKS TO MY APPENDIX FOR NOT EXPLODING ! what a great weekend! πŸ˜„ #nycc #over #πŸ’©d #sleepingforever #silly #catwoman #dc #derp #tired #maybeazombienow #brainmelted #thankyou

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Gel lights are basically my favorite thing of all time 🀣 they are so much fun to experiment with and help to create the perfect mood. Mostly I just love all of the colors though haha. I want to use gel lights for everything ! . . I am wearing Jim Lee's version of Catwoman to @newyorkcomiccon with @officialinvictastores which is what inspired me to try and capture the colors mostly used in "Hush." YES I KNOW JIM LEE DRAWS HER WITH HER ZIPPER UP. But I'm a dumb ho so I did some photos with it UP and DOWN πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Full 11 image set available on my Patreon with a huge BTS write up and 10 picnic Mary Jane image set available as well ! Plus the goth pool girl and Bond Girl mini sets and Major Motoko Kusanagi prints and all the polaroids and cards and yeah, I guess it was a busy month for me 🀣🀣 AND IM NOT DONE YET ! I'm finishing up Harley Quinn today too! I better get on that now… haha. . . Photography and editing by me! #catwoman #jimlee #batman #hush #cosplay #comic #photography #blue #gotham #experiment #dumbho #boobies #canthelpit #freetheboobs

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